Electrolysis Orlando’s Permanent Hair Removal Solution

This is a treatment procedure which permanently removes unwanted hair from your body or face. There is no any other hair removal treatment that can claim the efficiency offered. Electrolysis is a highly trusted and accepted method in Orlando and the rest of the world for its long lasting results. 


How It Works

The procedure works by destroying hair follicle growth cells permanently making it impossible for treated hairs to grow anymore. It may be applied to the various body and facial parts including the chin, eyebrows, lower and upper chin, sides of the face, jawline, breasts, bikini line, abdomen, underarms, back, fingers and toes as well as the legs. It permanently removes hairs of all types in a safe way from the skin. 

A metal probe or a fine electrode with the shape of a needle is used to apply electrodes into the individual hair follicle for the root to be destroyed. The types of electrolysis available include thermolysis, blend, and galvanic. Hair growth is influenced by various factors. In addition, hair will grow in different stages, which include growing, resting as well as shedding. At any given moment, all hair will not be at a similar stage of growth hence, this calls for multiple sessions for the treatment to be most effective. However, the number of required sessions for hair removal varies from a person to another. A session will last 15 to 60 minutes or longer. The good thing is that after the treatment is completed, the hairs will be permanently gone forever. 

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Why it is the Best Treatment Today

There are many methods available for hair removal. However, electrolysis is the only approach recognized by the FDA as well as the American Medical Association as a permanent hair removal solution. Other methods include the use of bleachers, which have harsh chemicals as well as a lesser effect on dark hair. They are also known to discolor skin. Chemical depilatories, on the other hand, have irritating chemicals. They are messy as well as time-consuming. Other people go for waxing, an approach mostly carried out in salons. The technique works through the application of hot wax, which is left to dry on hair then removed. As the wax is removed, the hair gets tripped off. This is a costly and a very painful procedure. Though it can be done at home, the kits available are messy and not easy to use. 

Though electrolysis is a very effective method, it is best done in a private practice or spa. Some electrolysis devices can be bought for home use. However, it is highly recommended that the person using them be trained by a board certified medical electrologist.



Slim Contour By Claudia’s electrolysis hair removal located in SW Orlando is one of the best treatments available. People with different skin types and hair can benefit from it. This is because unlike laser, it does not target hair color. It prevents the hair follicle itself from ever growing hair again. For your free consultation, call Claudia at (407) 925-1854.


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